About Us

Wicked Coatings are renound for being one of the UK's No.1 coatings specialists. We pride ourselves for/on being at the forefront of development in the water transfer printing industry this decade here in the UK.

Our dedication, hard work and success in the water transfer printing sector has fuelled Wicked Coatings into becoming a recognised international brand. 

We have inspired many new hydrographics companies to start up, not only in the UK, but all over the world. In sight/view of this, Wicked Coatings is not hostile to competitors but welcomes them to join us in our venture by supplying them quality products at a fair price.

Having tried and tested many brands of Hydrographics film, activator and paint over the years, Wicked Coatings has hand picked only the best films to offer for sale to the trade and the general public. We have done all of the hard work for you by testing hundreds of hydrographics films, saving you not only time but money, assisting you in being successful in your venture.

We have invested thousands of pounds developing compatible paint and activator for water transfer printing. Our products have passed the most stringant testing to OEM standards making Wicked Coatings one of the most successful water transfer printing companies in the UK.
Commonly automotive grade materials are used in conjunction with Hydrograhics. These products will work fine/will give adequate results, however if you are serious about being a successful company and require longevity in the items you coat - the Wicked Coatings full system is for you.

There are many other companies offering water transfer printing products in the UK but none that can boast over 500 quality films in stock at any one time. We are the UK distributor for YHT and many other licenced films. We also stock a wide range of other branded films which are all tried and testing in house by Wicked Coatings.

We run a one price for all policy, offering low prices for both trade and consumers. Our films are considered to be the 'ferrari' of water transfer printing films.
Our prices may be slightly higher than our competitors, but this is not due to us making large profits it is simply because the quality of the product is much higher, therefore costing more to produce. Remember one thing that is true in life. Buy cheap, by twice!